divest it like its hot

Yesterday, the University of Hawaiʻi voted to divest its $66 million endowment from fossil fuel companies.

The UH system is now the largest university to join the divesting movement.  Cheeeee!

Here’s a great [music] video from the Santa Clara University encouraging others to divest:

To read more about UH’s decision click here.

one year, one to go!

Today marks our cohort’s halfway mark!!!

We started our journey exactly one year ago today with a beautiful kapukai ceremony and supported our predecessors as they shared their manaʻo and final projects.

Mahalo nui to everyone that has made our fellowship possible and for all the support, we undoubtedly couldn’t do it without you all. 

Happy anniversary fourth cohort!

kalo fest 2015

This past weekend we went to the 23rd annual East Maui Taro Festival & what a great event it was!  It was our first time to the festival and the turn out was outstanding.  Better yet, the community support for each other and the overall support for community-based management was overwhelmingly heartfelt and unlike any other place.

We attended the festival as part of the Maui Nui Makai Network and helped to host their table.  In addition to display materials for the adults we had a great game for the keiki! We hosted a pono fishing game, where kids could come by, grab a bamboo pole, go fishing, measure their catch and determine if it was the right size to keep or if they should throw it back.  The table display and game were a huge success and we had a blast interacting with community members and visitors from all around.

The festival had super ono food, most items made with kalo, great music and hula all day, fundraisers for a ton of local groups, native plant sales, poi pounding and kapa making demonstrations and vendors from local businesses.  If you have never been to kalo fest, its definitely worth the windy drive to Hāna!

internship opportunity!

Don’t forget, APRIL 3 is the deadline to apply for our summer internship!

Spend your summer with us, experiencing:
  • the role of science and community engagement in marine & terrestrial conservation;
  • science based initiatives ;
  • technology and innovations for conservation, including GPS/GIS/Google Map use, remote sensing and in the field technology;
  • policy and communications;
  • fundraising and finance;
  • leadership and career development

For more information click here.

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to smarrs@tnc.org by 5:00PM on Friday, April 3, 2015.  Your cover letter (not to exceed two pages) must address the following:

  1. State your current education level and how you meet the four basic qualifications listed above.
  2. Tell us about a previous internship, job, or team you were on, and what role you played as part of that team or group of colleagues.  What did you enjoy about being a member of that team or group?
  3. How do you think this internship will benefit you? How will you use it to benefit the world around you?

the rising pacific

This week we participated in the Pacific Risk Management ʻOhana (PRiMO) Conference.  This ʻohana is a coalition of organizations with a role in hazard risk management in the Pacific region; organizations that recognize the value of the collective action and are committed to enhancing cooperation, coordination, and collaboration to strengthen and sustain hazard resilient communities.

“We live in a sea of land, the sea is not what isolates us, it is what connects us all.” 

What a great experience this was.  This was not only a gathering of first-responders and federal organizations, there were non-profits, individuals, and community members present from throughout the Pacific, from Hawaiʻi to Guam to American and Independent Samoa, and even representatives from Native American tribes.  There were deep discussions on how indigenous and traditional knowledge can help connect and better prepare individuals for the effects of climate change and how building trust and relationships is the true way to success.

“We are all brothers and sisters, with each other, with the plants, the animals, the land and the sky, we are all connected” 

We met with so many outstanding individuals from all walks of life and left this conference truly inspired to work together with our partners and use the knowledge that we hold to fire the change for a better tomorrow.